Save 72% Off 15 Pound Weighted Blankets @ Walmart

Save 72% Off 15 Pound Weighted Blankets @ Walmart

Were you hoping to get a weighted blanket under the tree just to find out that it didn't happen? Now is the perfect time to make your dreams really come true.

For a limited time, you can score 15-pound blankets 72% off at Walmart!

These blankets have years of scientific research that show they work by naturally releasing and regulating the chemicals in your own body.

They have been scientifically proven to help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, autism, and ADHD just to name a few.

This blanket would be perfect for kids and adults weighing from 120-170 pounds. Unlike traditional blankets, this one will surely become everyone's favorite once they reap the benefits.

When I first found out these helped with ADHD I figured it was worth a shot for my son and it has really helped him stay asleep all night long and wakes up refreshed and ready for school. Even sweeter it has deteriorated his sleepwalking down to nothing!

These blankets are super popular and finding them this cheap is highly rare which means if you are wanting one there has never been a better time.

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