Santa’s Phone Number: How To Call Santa Claus!

Santa’s Phone Number: How To Call Santa!
2 December 2016

Are you looking to kick off the Christmas Season for the kids? Maybe they are knee deep in the season already and you want to add more excitement. Did you know you can personally call Santa and his elves to give them a wish list?

To call Santa, dial (951)-262-3062 and you'll have to make sure you use the area code when punching in Santa's phone number!

The kids will love doing this because they get to leave the big man a message at the end of his cute little message. He asks them about their wish list and tells them to be good this year! Have a try, it's a lot of fun!

I remember as a child writing down my wish list and mailing it to the North Pole. Each year my mom would take us to a mailbox in town specifically decorated for children's wish lists. I remember the overwhelming feeling of excitement approaching the mailbox knowing Santa and his Elves had drop this colorful box for us to communicate to them. What was your Wish List tradition each year?

You now have the ability to create this same type of tradition filled with excitement for your kids by calling Santa personally.

Tis the season!

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