Ship Unwanted Items to Goodwill for Free With Give Back Box

Ship Unwanted Items to Goodwill For Free
21 December 2016

How many Amazon boxes have you gotten on your doorstep this year alone? And with Target's free shipping offer through this whole holiday shopping season, I have had quite a few of those too!

Did you know that you can use those boxes to fill all of your unwanted items in to and print unlimited free shipping labels to give to a good cause?

It's as easy as, getting new stuff and packing up your used and unwanted items into those boxes and clicking print on a shipping label. So you can give back this year without even leaving your house!

Give Back Box has partnered with some of your favorite retailers (like Amazon) to make giving super easy this year. And as a parent you and I both know that even though we are so excited to give cool new things, we also sort of dread Christmas and birthdays each year for all the new stuff that will need a place and not having room for it with all the older stuff too.

Here's how it works!

  1. Unpack your new merchandise from your online orders
  2. Look around for any unwanted new or used items from around the house - home decor, kids stuff, toys, clothing, shoes, gadgets, etc. Pretty much everything (Just no electronics)
  3. Stuff it all into that box (or as many boxes as you can fill. There's no weight limit (So even if you havee a set of dumbbells, no problem)!
  4. Print your free USPS or UPS prepaid shipping label found here
  5. Download as many FREE shipping labels as you need
  6. Then you can drop off your boxes to any post office, UPS Store or Office Max/Office Depot or just chill in your slippers and schedule a pick up with the USPS.

All donations go to the nearest participating Goodwill which then sells those goods. And because this is going to a recognized charity, you can also write it off on your taxes as a charitable donation.

As a mom with a daughter who has a birthday right after Christmas, I am always looking to find alternatives to more toys cluttering up the house. But now I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to let her take part in going through some of her unwanted items to donate them.

And surprisingly, when I explained that it goes to a good cause and to another little child who needs it, she has willingly filled up 3 boxes already on her own! So it looks like we'll be welcoming the new this year by donating our old to a good cause!

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