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Want to escape the real world from the comfort of your own living room? Then grab a movie or visit the cinema! With millions of amazing movies from all over the world, you can score the best entertainment bargains, right here on MomDeals.

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About Movie Coupons & Deals

There's nothing like a good movie to help a frazzled brain escape from reality. Whether you're heading out to catch a new release at the cinema or perhaps just cuddling up on the sofa in front of a classic film, you can make use of movie coupons and deals to make sure you're not spending too much! Stop by MomDeals before you make your movie choices, and see if you can save a few bucks!


If you plan on visiting the cinema, then the best place to find deals and discounts is… you guessed it! The cinema's website! Visit the home pages of the major cinema chains before you leave your home, to make sure you're not missing out on a valuable movie ticket deal.

Promotions will vary from cinema to cinema, from state to state, and some offers may only be on specific days. When it comes to getting discount movie tickets, it pays to research in advance and plan what day you will be going for an outing to the cinema.

Secondly, it might be beneficial to check out the cinema's social networking accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, even Tumblr or Instagram! There may be surprise movie ticket offers and deals on there, which you can only get through accessing and interacting with the company on social accounts.


We couldn't write a page about movies without mentioning the online behemoth, Netflix! Since its creation in 1997, Netflix is now known the world-over for its excellent service, streaming both classic and new releases into your living room with ease.

Now, Netflix rarely offer promo codes any more, in terms of getting a discount on their services. They have flat-rate fees and rarely have any other sort of promotional offerings. However, Netflix codes can be used once you actually use their services. These codes can help you access thousands of hidden categories. You'll find more info on that here.


Over at, you can book cheap cinema tickets or pre-order screenings for the many thousands of cinemas across America. While prices online are usually regular, there are perks and deals from time to time. It's definitely worth considering the sign up for the Fandango VIP program, as being a member will get you many bonuses, such as potential free screenings, discounts or even digital downloads of the movies which you are attending. The VIP program is free anyway, so it's worth being a member if you make use of their site.


Over at Redbox, the popular kiosk-based service for movie rentals, you can frequently score a great deal on movies to watch in your home. Redbox often release promo codes which you can use at their kiosks, to get deals such as free rentals and other offers like discounts on your movies.

It's definitely worth signing up to their "play pass" program which is a free service. With the Redbox play pass, they will award you with a free movie for every 10 movies, and even birthday freebies!