Auto Coupons & Deals for 2017

Cars can be costly! And their associated maintenance can also be pricey! Here on MomDeals, we’ll find you all the best deals and coupons when it comes to your car, from deals on new winter tires, to bargain prices on your next oil change.


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Auto Coupons & Deals

Cars have many needs, from oil changes to winter tires and so much more. Owning a cars is a huge responsibility and can be quite costly. Avoiding car repairs and maintenance because of their costs should never be an option. Get the best deals on auto parts, repairs, tires and more at MomDeals.


Buying a car is a long-term investment, that keeps on getting more expensive due to maintenance, insurance, and oil changes. Dealership maintenance & repairs can be costly; here are a few popular auto stores that offer you dealership service for way less:

Advanced Auto Parts: Find everything you might possibly need, from brakes to electrical & wiring, fluids and much more at Advanced Auto Parts. This retailer caters to DIY customers and professional installers. Make sure to check MomDeals regularly for coupons to help you save on your next purchase.

Firestone: For the best auto repair and maintenance services at affordable prices, visit Firestone. Firestone offers coupons and deals for a wide range of products and services. Find Firestone coupons for 10% off tires, $20 off alignment services and more at MomDeals.

Pep Boys: Need something serviced or repaired? Visit the Pep Boys. Get the best deals on auto car parts, tires and services at Pep Boys. Visit MomDeals and get a coupon for 15% off parts or 40% off clearance before your next purchase.


Don't let your dashboard look like a Christmas tree with all the flashing warning lights. Use coupons and promotional offers to help you save on car repairs, maintenance, and replacements parts. Here at MomDeals we understand the importance of a bargain; therefore, our team of coupon hunters is constantly on the lookout for the latest deals to help you save. Deals come in all sorts of varieties with the most common ones being:

  • Percentage of order parts or tires
  • Percentage or dollar off purchase
  • Free oil changes
  • Dollar discounts on installations
  • Free shipping


Whether you have a brand new car or a car you bought second hand, follow these tips to avoid high auto maintenance and repair costs.

  1. Use The Proper Oil: Make sure you use recommended oil for your vehicle and not just the cheapest one you find. Putting the wrong oil in your car can cause more critical and costly issues in the future.
  2. Use The Right Tires: With changing seasons comes the need for seasonal tires. Using regular tires during the winder season can cause your car to slip and possibly get into a crash. Avoid the danger and cost of getting into a car crash and get the proper tires to support your car in specific seasons.
  3. Invest Wisely: You might think that spending a few thousand less on an older car is a great way to save money. However, cheap cars tend to need more repairs and are harder to find replacement parts for. In the long run, cheap cars can end up being more costly than buying a pricier newer model car.
  4. Attend To Your Car: Don't avoid the blinking lights on your dashboard notifying you of a repair. Cars need repairs and replacements regularly; avoiding them can lead to bigger and more costly problems in the future.