18 Piece 2 Sided Rescue Center Playhouse $55 @ Amazon

18 Piece 2 Sided Rescue Center Playhouse $55 @ Amazon

Looking for an inexpensive playhouse that will have your kids playing with for hours at a time? This 2 sided playhouse is totally your calling.

Plus its at an unbelievable price of just $54.99 and includes 18 pieces to keep your kids entertained everyday.

Sound the alarm! There is a rescue team coming to save the day and your kids can jump right in the police car to get there.

This playset is 2 sided so there is tons of fun to happen on both sides. Plus it includes a police car, fire fighter gear and even doctor accessories so you have everything you need to save the day no matter what the incident is.

Talk about a playset that will have the kids imagining. This play house has a little bit of everything and is sure to impress no matter what the age and at a price this awesome I'm grabbing up one for our playroom.

Even sweeter this ships free for both Amazon prime members and non members straight to your door! This is one deal I cant let pass by.


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