2 FREE Weeks of Hulu Plus

2 FREE Weeks of Hulu Plus

Been wanting to give Hulu a try but haven't pulled the trigger? For a limited time, score a FREE 2 Weeks of Hulu Plus when you sign up here.

This is a super awesome deal if some of your favorite shows are on Hulu, I watch some of my favorite shows through the app and upgraded after the commercials became too much.

For those unfamiliar with Hulu, it's pretty much like Netflix for TV Shows. You can get unlimited streaming to all of your favorite hit shows like Law & Order, Once Upon a Time, Empire, South Park you name it Hulu probably has it AND they have a great selection of movies too! It's become my 'backup Netflix'.

I'll admit, a lot of my guilt pleasure shows, I watch through Hulu. The interface is just the next best thing to cable, and I like that I can control what the kids watch on it too. There are a bunch of kids shows that I love using Hulu for so that makes it worth the money to me.

Signing up takes just a few minutes too, why not take advantage of this freebie? You can cancel right after your 2 weeks not a problem.


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