Bike & Trike Trade-In Event @ Toys R Us

Bike & Trike Trade-In Event @ Toys R Us

It's so important as moms to encourage some physical activity for our kids. From "Tech Free Tuesdays" to the Get Outside movements, this is a large chunk of their explorative learning and building their physical strengths. And as moms we are the driving force to getting them active and interested in outside activities. So what better way to encourage some outdoor play time than with a new bike?

Toys R Us is currently running their 2016 bike trade-in sale. Out with the old and save on the new! Simply bring in any old, rusty bike or trike and put it up for trade. Toys R Us will give you 25% off a new bike.

How does it work?

The Bike & Trike Trade-In offers customers the opportunity to trade in any used bike or trike in exchange for 25% off any regular-priced bike or trike (note this excludes ALL clearance bikes and trikes). After trading in your old bike or trike, customers will receive a coupon towards the purchase of a new, regular-priced bike or trike.

And if you don't have an old bike to trade, no sweat - you can still get 15% off a new bike using the promo code 'BIKES15'. Promo code is valid from 5/4 thru 5/12.

There is no limit to how many 25% off coupons you can receive - so if you bring five old rusty bikes, you will receive five 25% off coupons toward five new bikes.

This bike drive is only going on from 4/29 thru 5/31 and is valid in-store only.


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