3-in-1 Divided Wonder Non-Stick Pan Set Just $17.86 Shipped @ eBay

3-in-1 Divided Wonder Non-Stick Pan Set Just $17.86 Shipped @ eBay

Boy this would sure make breakfasts easier! These 2 pc Section Wonder Pan Sets are just $17.86 shipped at eBay right now! Single divided skillets are selling for $35 or more at places like Target, Walmart, and Amazon right now!

I hate having to get out multiple pans to cook a meal. Or trying to keep them separate while cooking in one skillet. Or just having to finish one item in the skillet, set it aside and prep something else one at a time.

This divided skillet set is genius in that it lets you make everything at once, in one skillet that's non-stick and easy to clean and care for. You could do your steak and eggs at the same time. Or breakfast eggs and meats without your eggs running over everything.

This skillet set is shipped from the United Kingdom. The base price for the pans are $10.99 and the shipping is $6.87. And even with the added shipping to get this double pan set with the steamer lids, you're STILL paying a better price than what they are selling one pan for at stores here!

I found a few other sellers with this set at a decent price but the one above is by far the best and as of now, has more than 10 available. You can also get it from this seller with 5 available for $8.09 plus $11.14 shipping ($19.23 total). Or this seller with more than 10 available for $10.99 plus $13.99 shipping ($24.75 total).


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