3 Pack Healthy Living Copper Skillets $20 (Reg. $50) @ Boscov's

3 Pack Healthy Living Copper Skillets $20 (Reg. $50) @ Boscov's

I really had no idea what I was missing until I finally broke down and bought me one of these awesome copper pans.

Wow has cooking changed, these pans make me feel like a complete chef in my own kitchen and right now you can snag up your own set for just $19.99 saving you $30!

Cooking with copper is like cooking with nothing else I have ever seen. Plus you can fry or bake with the same pan plus cleanup is a breeze!

I just got my copper set a couple months ago and instantly it was pure love. I placed some chicken in there to fry and quickly realized that it is super even cooking, even the sides of the pan was cooking like the bottom.

My chicken came out crispy and perfect and that's the second I knew that these pans was the bomb. Since then I have made about every food possible in them with great results. In fact I even shove them in the oven on occasion for an awesome casserole.

For a limited time you can also score free shipping with a $30+ purchase! So just bump your order up another $10.01 and save big with free shipping.


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