5-Pack Multi-Colored Fidget Spinners $8 Shipped @ Newegg

5-Pack Multi-Colored Fidget Spinners $8 Shipped @ Newegg

Here's a great deal for your fidget spinner addiction! Right now Newegg is having a flash sale on this 5-Pack of Fidget Spinners and you can get them for just $8.49! That's only $1.70 per spinner! This set is regularly $35. Plus shipping is also free!

If you haven't jumped on the fidget spinner craze yet, here's an inexpensive way to give it a spin (ba-dum-tsss). This set comes with 5 multi-colored hand spinners so you've got enough for everyone - including yourself.

Seriously, know it may sound silly but these really do help you focus. They're like a new age stress ball of sorts. So when you're working in the office, it's a great way to de-stress or and relieve anxiety or just gain focus for the mountain of work you have in front of you.

But for the kids it's not just that but also a super fun fad. If you haven't seen a flock of kids spinning them whenever you're out, I'd be pretty surprised. I literally was driving down the road the other day and heard a kid yell to another one "fidget spinners are life!" (hahaha)

This set comes with six different color possibilities including White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue of which five will be chosen and shipped at random.


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