60 Elmer's Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks $14 @ Amazon

60 Elmer's Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks $14 @ Amazon

Doing some last minute back to school shopping and looking to stock on some glue sticks? Right now Amazon is offering this 60 pack of glue sticks, for only $13.99! That's a heck of a price for 60 glue sticks!

You'll be getting 60 glue sticks for just 14 bucks! That's ONLY 23 cents per stick! If you're a teacher and stocking up for the classroom, this is a steal!

Usually when I'm school shopping I buy a lot of my supplies at different places. One of my favorite places to buy supplies is Costco, because there are some items worth buying bulk like pencils, folders and notebooks. I usually split my bulk items with my sisters kids and we make out best that way, might be something to consider for yourself.

Buying things in bulk on Amazon is a new trend. When you buy them at higher quantities you can end up with huge discounts. It's just worth making sure you have someone to split them with so they aren't left unused.

Grabbing these glue sticks in bulk are totally worth it if you want to split it a few ways. With how much we run through glue sticks in my house is can really be worth have a bunch spare, go ahead and check these off the back to school list and find someone to split them with!

Free shipping for Prime users (get free trial) or if you spend $49 or more!


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