Baby Crap I Used To Be Fun Tote $12.84 @ Etsy

Baby Crap I Used To Be Fun Tote $12.84 @ Etsy

This bag is to adorable and its a place to put your... well your baby crap. From using this as a diaper bag to a fun filled toy sack it will come in handy and right now you can get this adorable tote for just $12.84!

My cousin got this at her baby shower. It was a huge hit and filled up with a pack of diapers and a gift set along with a few outfits. No one could stop talking about the tote the whole time at the party.

She absolutely loves it and fills it up of all her baby essentials to leave it in the car so no matter where she is at she has extra diapers, toys and more already packed.

There is so many fun uses for this bag and with its hilarious quote anyone would enjoy having it.

Shipping adds about $5 depending on your location. But where else are you going to find a tote specifically made to hold all your baby crap? Your going to love it.


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