Clever Cutters 2-in-1 Food Chopper​s $14.97 @ Amazon

Clever Cutter Food Choppers $15

Check this out! Right now, Amazon has The Clever Cutters knife/cutting board shears on sale right now for just $14.97!

These genius scissors are usually $20 but today you'll be able to get $5 off your purchase and score them for just 15 bucks!

The Clever Cutters are pretty much a knife and cutting board combined into one awesome invention. They're great for cutting veggies right over the pot whenever your making delicious soup or cutting up veggies and even meats to throw on top of salads.

The best part of the invention is how much less dishes you'll have to wash. When you think about having to wash a cutting board and knife for every quick chopping task it can be a bit excessive.

Not considering having to lug them out and wash both every time you need to cut a little cherry tomato. Pointless if you ask me.

The cool thing about these choppers are they are dishwasher friendly, so tossing them in the dishwasher when your done is a sweet plus! I also find them to be a lot safer then using a knife and cutting board. They have a safety switch to prevent accidents, and cutting with them is 5 times quicker than a tradition knife and cutting board.

If you're looking for a cool new kitchen tool to make cutting veggies a little less tedious, the Clever Cutters are for you. Grab them at this price though, Amazon prices are known to fluctuate.


  • Carolynn S.

    Not good for those with carpal tunnel.

  • Melissa J.

    I want/need one!

  • Alaura V.

    Those would just hurt your hands with the amount of cutting we have to do. :confounded::no_good::no_good:

  • Megs M.

    you need one of these :joy:

    • Bridgett H.

      I'd prob still cut my finger! Plus I didn't see them cutting lettuce :weary::sob:

  • Ang H.

    Good point

  • Graham F.

    . Healthy lunches just got easy!

  • Jessica K.

    we needdddd to get this!!!

  • Kristin S.

    Snip snip!!

  • Mikayla H.

    you need this! :joy::joy:

  • Linda K.

    We're do you get one

  • Mary F.

    would u be able to work this scissors :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

    • Katie C.

      If it's designed for a smart lefty like me :wink:

    • Katie C.

      If it's designed for a smart lefty like me :wink:

    • Mary F.

      Less the smart

  • Dominic H.

    I can't believe you just shared an infomercial with me lol

  • Satomi H.

    Just because lol:joy:

  • Dominic H.

    Lol you buy one and I'll get the second one "absolutely free!"

  • Satomi H.


  • Julie M.

    Omg I need this! It'll save my hand!

  • Patty H.

    I have you lol

  • Larissa M.

    I know but I need it lol

  • Debbie C.

    read the reviews on Amazon first.

  • Wes C.

    Will it cut a tomato? Cause it does not show it. I bet it will not.

  • Amy B.

    These are awesome

  • Stephanie P.


  • Jade M.

    eBay sell them £8.50 I love mine it helps me so much with all the veg cutting for my bunnies:rabbit2:

  • Adam H.

    Buy one

  • Mel N.

    buy mummy one pleaseeeeee xxxxxx

    • Jade M.

      Do u want me to? Xxx

    • Mel N.

      Yes please looks so much easier with my arthritis in my hand xxxxx

    • Jade M.

      Oh yeah I dident think of that, I'll buy u some next week xxxx

    • Mel N.

      Oooh great thanks baby xxxxxx

  • Cat M.

    I need that!!

  • Crystal C.

    .... Shawn needs to get this new gadget if he hasn't already:yum:

  • Jeremy H.

    No we don't. We have a chefs knife and a cutting board lol.

  • Tuesday B.

    So old school lol

  • Jeremy H.

    You'll cut ur fingers off with that thing lol

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