Combo-Cork Bottle Lock Wine Stopper $17 @ Wayfair

Combo-Cork Bottle Lock Wine Stopper $17 @ Wayfair

Haha! Having trouble keeping people out of your wine? Well check this out! Right now at Wayfair you can get this Lockey USA Combo-Cork Bottle Lock for just $17.44. It's dropped from $18 there but they're selling for over $20 elsewhere.

Keep your hands off of my moscato! Haha, These are hilarious...and for real all at the same time. This bottle stopper has a combination lock built-in so once you pop, you can cork and stop other hands from touching your wine.

This would make for a great laugh when you're having friends over. And a great idea for a funny gift too. Perhaps for the newlyweds or new happy homeowners. Either way, I can't think of a soul that wouldn't love it.

Walmart is selling this same combination lock wine stopper for a few cents more but the shipping is $10 and it's not eligible for in-store pickup.

You can get free shipping with any order of $49 or more at Wayfair. Otherwise, shipping is just $4.99.


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