Coverblubber Reusable Stretchable Lids $7.48 @ Amazon

Coverblubber Reusable Stretchable Lids $7.48 @ Amazon

Looking for a nifty way to cover food and containers without spending a fortune on plastic wrap? Check out this awesome stretchy food saver called CoverBlubber that is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Plus, they start at just $7.50 on Amazon!

These awesome stretchable lids stretch and cling to form fit food, dishes or containers to keep things fresh! My favorite use for these has to be to protect fruits and veggies! I use them constantly for lemons and limes, you can also use them on tomatoes and they work amazingly.

The only negative is they aren't dishwasher or microwave (why would they be honestly) safe, but it's worth knowing before you buy. But they are a breeze to clean, literally like washing a piece of silverware takes 5 seconds.

These really will save a ton of money in the end, no longer am I pulling out zip lock baggies for every little piece of food I want to keep fresh, I just pull one of these out stretch to fit them and they stay fresh.

The stretch and fit is so easy, plus the seal it forms is really magic, I figured they might not keep them fresh as long as plastic does but I was wrong. You just pop on a coverblubber (what a name) and they hold a seal perfectly, every time.


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    I bet they are cheaper than pampered chef! :joy:

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