Disney Waffle Makers $5.97 @ Walmart

 Disney Waffle Makers $5.97 @ Walmart

Hop over to Walmart, where you can score Disney Character and Marvel Character Waffle Makers for just $5.97! Plus you can get FREE store pickup to save on shipping!

These waffle makers are always a hit with our readers. Whenever they go on sale they sell out quick, usually by whichever character is most popular at the time.

Right now, there are four characters available Spiderman, Avengers, Frozen and a Disney Princess themed one. I know a bunch of moms loved how the Frozen snowflakes waffles come out, plus they'd be great for around Christmas time!

These waffle makers can be a blessing and a curse. If you have a picky eater, it's perfect they love these themed waffles and it gets them excited to have breakfast.
The curse? They will begin asking for 'Frozen Waffles' every morning. I guess we have to give to get, but the waffles taste good, they come out super cute and the kids love them. Plus mommas likes having a few 'Frozen Waffles' too!


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