DIY Road Tape $10 @ Amazon

DIY Road Tape is Genius!

Sometimes we come across awesome products that are too cool not to share! This DIY Road Tape is a regular roll of tape that's designed to look just like roads and highways and it's ONLY 10 bucks!

This is the coolest invention we've seen in a while. I have so many cars laying around my house that go unused because the road carpets just don't do it anymore. But having my 5 year old make his own roads changes EVERYTHING.

This brilliant removable tape let's you build your own roads... ANYWHERE. Works with any surfaces too... wood, laminate, carpet you name it, this DIY Road Tape will work on it, minus the sticky residue (which is a plus).

It was also designed to work with matchbox cars it seems, and it's also great for toy trains which is really a nice touch.

The best part about this tape is the added element of imagination. A rare word used nowadays with kids toys but trust me, this tape does the trick. Watch as they built their own city, and a mom-tip: grab a bag of city Traffic Lights & Signs and pair them with this tape = pure magic!

You'll watch them as they build their own town and setup signs while cruising through their city (ignoring stop signs and the speed limit) and just having an all around blast! This removable tape is genius! And just $9.95 right now too!


  • Jacqui P.

    That is so damn cool - hours of entertainment for Grandchildren.

  • Joline L.

    Omg. Nice. Y aimeras. Lol

  • Amanda C.

    I know cer pretty Cool :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Lisa-marie A.

    This stuff is in kmart in the stationary section for $4 and it comes with a toy

    • Fleur D.

      In NZ?

    • Lisa-marie A.

      Im in SA

  • Bec K.

    how much would the boys love this

  • Samantha J.

    Jai needs this

  • Holly K.

    Need some of this , looks cool

  • Rej J.

    , Graham Hill how awesome is this??

  • Kelly M.

    I seen this but it's through Amazon and they don't deliver to Oz

  • Heidi T.

    Stacey Ertzen you needed this tape for your bmx track project. We bumped into the family at Bunnings hehe

  • Bink G.

    can we do this for Riley

  • Renee W.

    That's awesome

  • Renee L.

    we should invest in some of this for Brax

    • Renee L.

      I think u can only buy this one on line through the link. But I swear I've seen it @ kmart or toys r us? Maybe? Lol

    • Arthur L.

      Question: Who is going to clean the floor once it has been stuck to it

  • Kate S.

    - I think someone might enjoy this :grin:

    • Emma S.

      I've got some! Just haven't used it

  • Lisa C.

    we must do this for Seth

  • Lisa666

    can't wait to start shopping

  • Katrina G.

    Omg we need this! !!

  • Kirsty B.

    we need this for Kade!

    • Tim B.

      No! He'd make me line the whole house with it

  • Vicki T.

    Steven Teale

  • Melissa W.

    , for the garage or basement?

    • Daniel L.

      Get rolls for both.

  • Sharon G.

    can you show Leanne this tomorrow they also have great home corner stuff food and cooking equipment check out there sight

  • Kylie M.

    how cool make a road for jai

  • Victoria H.

    when we get the patio finished

  • Michelle M.

    think Stanley would like this???

    • Amanda K.

      Thanks for reminding me he will love this. When we convert his bedroom

  • Kira L.

    do we know anyone with a amazon account?? lol genius idea

  • Adam P.

    Very cool

  • Liz M.

    this would have been cool when you were little instead of videos and wool!

  • Elese T.

    how cool is this boys would love it

  • Mike H.

    Haha that's looks perty cool huni xxxx

  • Claire F.

    Cool I wanna get it!

  • Helen W.

    I want to get some when we do the boys bedroom up , cool

  • LeAnne I.

    Yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!!!!!!! Mom of 5 boys here!!!

  • Lucy M.

    I don't get how you get corners

    • Fiona B.

      Mmm I'd imagine you'd cut it separately for the corners to keep the pattern. A little like wallpaper xxx

    • Jenna R.

      I was wondering about the corners to because it's straight tape and the pattern is perfectly rounded.

  • Leone M.

    How much does it cost?

  • Daniel L.

    What ever happened to just scratching a track in the dirt

    • Chris P.

      Kids can't play in the dirt outside lol

  • Priscilla A.

    Ha thats cool :heart_eyes:

  • Rebecca M.

    .. We should see if we can find this in Hawaii .. Jayden would love it

  • Leesha G.

    That's so cool

  • Trisha D.

    ya may get this for Sean and they do camouflage for you

  • Roxanne S.

    , you would've loved this:grinning:

  • Antz H.


  • Kara O.

    You need to get this for Ryan :red_car::blue_car: beep beep

  • Caroline D.

    You'll have to get Ollie this for the playroom :grin:

  • Mads F.

    Love it! Thankyou

  • Joyanne W.

    This is what Zander has on his bedroom floor they got it from Kmart we looked for it and couldn't find it

  • Nicole M.

    , Michael would love this

  • Fiona T.

    we need this for Jayden :ok_hand_tone1:

  • Sara B.

    They would love it ;)

  • Catherine O.

    Where can I get it.

    • Jennifer A.


  • Emily C.

    where was this when we were young hahaha

    • Abigail C.

      Omg I know right. :joy: didn't we even draw on paper at one stage haha

  • Monique S.

    u need this, would save u making roads out of all the masking tape...haha

    • Claire R.

      Yep sure do lol

    • Krystal C.

      You can get from Kmart for couple of dollars a roll :wink:

    • Monique S.

      thanks Kmart stop this week

  • Sheree H.

    Chris Reilly

  • Anita C.

    we need for preschool !

    • Brittany M.

      Im sure i saw this at a shop the other day?! Hello banana or art fun wear

  • Lillian S.


  • Sharon D.

    Kmart for 2 dollars

  • Nic H.


  • Jenna R.

    How did they make the corners from straight tape?

  • Brittany W.

    I need this in my life :ok_hand::joy:

  • Tara C.

    Don't tink ud get dat here

  • Kate C.

    U can make it

  • Clair P.

    Don't show Olly! I'll never get my floor back.

  • Shane K.

    Need some

  • Samantha W.

    LOVE this omw...........

  • Bernie R.

    Where would you get it

    • Amy B.

      KMART sell a cheapy version of tape like this! It's $1 or $2 n they usually keep / stack them on shelves in the 'party favours' goodies!

  • Amy B.

    KMART has a cheap version of this tape! It's awesome

  • Kevin F.


  • Dawn C.

    George & Macsen would love this &

  • Niki R.

    u need this for Thomas.

    • Rachel S.

      Haha yep!!! He would love it!!

  • Jase W.

    Mad i could make mount panorama.

  • Paul K.

    That's awesome

  • Angelia H.

    we needed this as kids hahaha

  • Tessie F.

    Love it

  • Terrie F.

    I saw this in Kmart the other day!! Best idea ever. Wish I had have seen it before I did Lachys car track

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