DockATot Deluxe Safety Co-Sleeper $165 @ Target

DockATot Deluxe Safety Co-Sleeper $165 @ Target

This DockATot is genius! I love co-sleeping with my baby but sadly it is dangerous. Now this lets me safely co-sleep and its great for tummy time, travel and more as well.

Right now Target has this awesome co-sleeper system or just $165! I paid nearly $200 for mine so this saves you a good bit.

This co-sleeper is perfect for newborns up to 8 months. But they also have a toddler version for as your little one gets bigger that you can find by Clicking Here.

This brings safety to a whole new dimension plus if you are anything like me you will love that it is a pillow like softness all around not only for my little mans comfort but mine and hubbies as well.

Even sweeter I use this in the living room as a tummy time mat and when my little prince charming needs to take a nap so I know hes safely on the couch without being able to fall off.

There is so many ways you can use this and you can even buy different colored covers for it and a tote bag as well for an on the go lifestyle this is a wondeful bed that you will use constantly.

To top it all off this also ships free! You cant get much more awesome then this one of a kind baby bed.


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