Drivemocion Emoji Car Sign $25 (Reg. $39.99) @ Thinkgeek

Drivemocion Emoji Car Sign $25 (Reg. $39.99) @ Thinkgeek

There are some things that we come across that makes us think, where has this been my whole life. This emoji car sign is just that!

The Drivemocion is totally hilarious, this thing has 16 responses including "Thank you for letting me in." "Bye", an angry face and more. Thinkgeek has them marked down to just $24.99 right now too!

This little LED sign attaches to your back window and in seconds you'll be able to notify people to back off, send an apology that reads "sorry" for cutting someone off, and you can even tell people to "go ahead".

The concept is brilliant, especially the angry face for when I have friends and family behind me (or that driver who was riding my tail end this morning). I really think I'm going to get this thing.


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