Dudley's Spin An Egg Coloring Kit Only $2 @ Walmart

Dudley's Spin An Egg Coloring Kit Only $2 @ Walmart

Dunking eggs in cups is soo boring when you compare it with this awesome spin an egg coloring kit.

While usually running $5 right now you can grab the kit for only $1.96 savings you $2.88!

I bought one of these for the kids last year and they had a blast coloring and spinning their eggs.

This year they have already started asking for the same kit so I went looking and found it on this massive sale!

This is the perfect non mess solution to those dunk dye kits. Simply place an egg in the spinner add a few drops of dye and push the top.

The spinner will go around and around splattering dye all over your egg and you can even make them multiple colors as well!

This kit comes with everything you need to dye eggs including the spinner, 5 dyes and 3 liners.

There is a minimum purchase requirement of 2 kits to score this deal which works out good for me now the kids won't have to take turns instead they will have a kit of their own.

To save on shipping opt in for free in-store pickup otherwise shipping is free with a $35+ purchase.


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