Easy Catcher Car Organizer $6 @ Groupon

Easy Catcher Car Organizer $6 @ Groupon

This thing is GENIUS! Get to Groupon quick and grab this Easy Catcher Car Organizer for JUST $6! (It's regularly $26)!!

Last time I cleaned my car I wantedto pull my hair out with all the tiny little things stuck between my center console and front seats! Seriously - straws, toys, coins, gadgets, a couple of french fries (hey, don't judge)! I seriously needed this THEN! So I am definitely getting it NOW! I'll never be trying to wedge a vacuum attachment in between those tight crevices anymore.

This Easy Catcher Car Organizer slides down perfectly in between your seat and the center console area and catches anything that may fall that way. You can also keep your gadgets (like phones, travel papers, etc) out of the way in there and organized neatly. And when you want to clean it out, the whole thing lifts simply up and out and can be emptied or dumped with ease.

A couple of notes about shipping - You will need to pay the shipping, which is just $5.95. Items are typically delivered within 5-10 business days. But they do not ship to PO boxes.


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