FREE DVD Rental Code For 6/8 @ Redbox

FREE DVD Rental Code For 6/8 @ Redbox

Looking to have a night in on the couch with a bottle of wine and a FREE movie? Today only (June 8th) head over to Redbox where you can score a FREE movie by using code SNAP at checkout.

Even cooler, you can save $1.50 with this code too on any Blu-ray rental or Game rental!

Sometimes is nice to just hang home and relax on the couch with a movie. What's nice is doing that for FREE. I love these Redbox free movie nights because it reminds be of how inconvenient it used to go to the store and rent a movie. Then it would cost a fortune to just be a member at a membership only movie store.

Now it's so convenient to stream all the latest movies thanks to websites like Netflix and Redbox. Having free movie like Redbox always has a few times a month, really helps save me a ton of money which you know I always love!

So enjoy a free movie on them with code SNAP.

Note: This code is valid up to 3 times with a new credit card, or up to 5 times with a card that has been used with Redbox before.


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