Gotham Steel Double Grill $20 @ eBay

Gotham Steel Double Grill $20 @ eBay

Im in love with Gotham Steel and have been collecting the whole kitchen set so as soon as I spotted these I snagged it up. This double grill is just $19.99 saving me $40!

I first started my Gotham Steel collection for Christmas and since have added several pieces to it. The cookware is wonderful nothing sticks and it cooks evenly.

I love griddle cooking and this one even has a grill side as well making this something I can see using over and over.

Gotham Steel is made of titanium and ceramic making it stronger then ever so it can take high temperatures with ease and with its grease groove it catches all the grease for easy cleanup.

I will be using this grill daily for breakfast or dinner and with it being double sided it will take up less space in my small kitchen.

To top off this awesome buy this ships free!


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