Where To Buy Pokemon Go Plus In The US 2016

Where To Buy Pokemon Go Plus In The US 2016

Are you looking where to buy the Pokemon Go Plus? You're no the only one! Right now there have been a limited amount released in the US so prices have skyrocketed.

We know exactly the spots you should be checking to find where the Pokemon Go Plus is in stock and where you can get it for the best price.

It's been a crazy summer trying to score a pre-order for the Pokemon GO Plus with how popular the game has been this year so bookmark and follow along here for where you can grab it.

Limited Stock / Higher RRP

  • eBay from $84.99 - GRAB HERE
    1. Most of these are priced high due to the demand, but if your in a tough spot and have a birthday coming up, this might be where you score it over the next few weeks.

Currently Out of Stock

How To Pre-Order

We expect both GameStop and Amazon to be the first to sell the new device, however right both Amazon and Gamestop have the device listed as unavailable, so make sure you bookmark this page and check back often for when it's back in stock.

For those unfamiliar with this new device (that's probably on your little ones Christmas list) it syncs with any smartphone via Bluetooth and lights up when Pokemon are in the area. It's technically called a wearable that allows trainers to play the game without even whipping out their phones.

You'll be able to catch all your favorite Pokemon with a simple push of a button, not pulling out your phone and other cool stuff to be released to enhance Pokemon Go gameplay.

The device is predicted to cost only $35 and adds a new dimension to the game that hopefully allows moms to keep phones in their pockets while kiddos can wear this device on their wrist to catch em all!


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