It's A Squirrel! Toilet Seat Decal $15.94 Shipped @ Walmart

It's A Squirrel! Toilet Seat Decal $15.94 Shipped @ Walmart

Ok this is hilarious. Head over to Walmart where they've got this It's A Squirrel Toilet Seat Decal priced at $15.94 right now. It's regularly $18 so you can save a few bucks. Plus, the shipping is also free - no minimum purchase required.

I'm thinking of all the people we could prank with this one. The kids in the middle of the night for starters. I can just imagine them going in to use the bathroom and seeing this furry little face peeking up at them! LOL

This would make a funny April Fools prank at home or the office too. Hearing your coworkers let out a shriek would make for a much more interesting work day too wouldn't it?

These decals stick to the top of they toilet seat (so hey, it may be a way to get everyone to remember to close the lid when they're done too). They're easily removed and can be reattached so you can move them to different toilets if you want.


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