Kids Showerhead Attachment Only $10 @ Home Depot

Kids Showerhead Attachment Only $10 @ Home Depot

The 'My Own Shower' kids showerhead attachment is a safe and comfortable attachment that is perfect for kids starting to shower.

The attachment connects easily, and forms a gentle flow right at your child's height. Plus right now you can grab one from Home Depot for just $10!

It's super easy to use, just connect the hose, position the children's showerhead and you'll have a custom showerhead right at your child's height that makes transitioning from baths to a shower easy peasy.

The best thing about this attachment is there's no need to remove the regular showerhead every time, just connect the kid's showerhead quick and easy for a safer more comfortable shower for your little one.

My little guy hates showering (he's only tried twice) but I'm going to try this out, I think he'll like it a lot. Being able to reach and being at the right head will make it easier for him to feel like he has control for the spout hitting his face.


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