LackingOne Child Support Headband just $6 @ Amazon

Child Support Headband $6 @ Amazon

Head over to Amazon right now where you can snag the Slumber Sling on sale for just $6 (regularly $30)! Plus free shipping with Prime or with an order total of $49 or more.

Do you ever look in the rearview and see your little one in the back totally conked out in their car seat with their head slumped over so much that it makes YOUR neck hurt just looking at it?

The Slumber Sling Child Support Headband comes in multiple print styles and fits most convertible car seats and strollers. It's super easy to install and extremely safe...Which is why it's favorited by so many parents.

I mean, the only thing left to figure out is how many I should order because if I can use this in my office chair for those afternoon crashes, then I'll take two!

So get yours today before they're gone and let your little sleep contortionist get some better snooze time during their ride (and look a little more like the angel they are and less like something from the Exorcist)


  • Mary P.

    Sarah roberts

  • Victoria P.

    It will hold the baby's head from flopping around

  • Rachel K.

    That's kool...if your not driving when they fall asleep...BC if you put on a kid who's not sleeping will get maf

  • Amanda T.

    this is what sabellah is getting for her birthday :joy::joy:

    • Belinda T.

      Need 1 everywhere she goes. :smiley:

  • Emma S.

    - this is what we needed for Isabelle when she fell asleep coming home from Yass :joy::heart:

    • Beck W.

      :joy::joy::joy::joy: thats a hilarious contraption!

    • Maureen H.

      OMG we sooo did xoxo

  • Kathryn W.

    for the long car trips and awkward sleep positions lol

  • Gemma P.

    Evie needs this :joy::joy:

  • Gemma P.

    Yes please she's got that round the back of her neck lol x

  • Corene C.

    they make them for the head surly using her headband on her dummy isn't that bad :joy:

  • Adrian L.

    Seen this and thought the same thing lol

  • Tina P.


  • Andrea S.

    Tyler needs this Lol he would not like it

  • Kristal E.

    We have one for a 5 year old it really helps

  • Nerida Q.

    They are fantastic.

  • Taylah E.

    Already got one

  • Brooklyn M.

    we need to get Jordan one x

    • Susan M.

      Defo. Think I'll need a new car seat soon he's getting so big x

    • Brooklyn M.

      I know x

  • Krista G.

    Brianna Gates linc needs this

  • Karen J.

    Great idea!

  • Stephanie M.

    Aaaaaah no

  • Shannon H.

    Got one of these already

  • Samantha M.

    this woulda been great for chloe

  • Georga H.

    Now that one really could do with the dribble catcher - come on Andy the universe is telling you something!

  • Lea F.

    need this for Indee! That mingenew trip we needed this:joy:

    • Cheyanne K.

      Oh wow yes :joy: Indee was in serious need for one of these!

  • Jamie F.

    Haha we need this lol

  • Chloe P.

    we were just talking bout this the other day

    • Karma P.

      This is brilliant

    • Chloe P.

      Isnt it!!! looks a bit unorthodox but works lol

  • Lorraine S.

    Do they make them for adults too lol

  • Jennie M.

    ...maybe hunter needs this now!!

    • Kerry G.

      See. I'm not the only one!

  • Karen H.

    we could have been millionaires :joy::joy:

  • Fay S.

    Can't really see the danger of broken neck I would have thought it would stop the head from being thrown backward or forward but I may be wrong

  • Johnny M.

    Definitely :smile::smile:

  • Rhonda S.

    Might as well use a bra

    • Jillian D.

      I use a swaddle blanket and tie around the forehead:)

  • Jeena M.

    what an smart invention. Jenell you know how we're always reaching back to fix their heads when they fall asleep in car

    • Jodee M.

      That's awesome!!

    • Jenell C.


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