LiLiPi Dog Shaped Pillows $13 @ Tanga

LiLiPi Dog Shaped Pillows $13 @ Tanga

Are these not the cutest pillows ever? I just spotted them and had to grab 2 that look just like my fur babies. Now we can cuddle their look alike together and priced at just $12.99 I just saved a woofing $17 each pillow!

These are too adorable and with prints on both sides no matter which way I turn it I can still see this awesome realistic photo. I just absolutely cant wait to receive my new cuddly puppy pillow.

With over 20 pillows to choose from it was so hard to pick which one I wanted but I decided to go with ones that look like my fur babies.

These stand 18" high and are made with soft velvety fabric that can be thrown in the washer for cleaning. Making my life alot more easier then trying to spot clean.

These ship free no matter how many you order making this find wooferific.


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