Little Tikes Fun Zone Dual Twister $40 @ Walmart

Little Tikes Fun Zone Dual Twister $40 @ Walmart

Remember our sit and spin from childhood? Take a look at this super amped up version that even has a sprinkler system!

This is priced at $39.99 and while this is the MSRP we have seen it selling for $60 or even more on eBay and Amazon!

This brings sit and spin fun to a whole new level! It is built for 2 children to spin at once.

But it gets even better! You can hook this up to the water hose and when you push the water button out sprays water to add to the excitement.

Plus its perfect for indoor and outdoor play. This officially makes my old sit and spin look lame. Im totally buying the kids one of these.

To top off this amazing find it also ships free straight to your door! After all the fun my old sit and spin gave me this is one toy Im not letting pass me up.


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