Marvel Superhero 3D Wall Nightlights $29.99 @ ThinkGeek

Marvel 3D Wall Nightlights $30

How great are these?

Looking for a creative way to lighten up the kids room at night? These 3D nightlights are the perfect addition to any superhero themed kids room and will have your little one falling asleep faster knowing they are being watched over by their there favorite Marvel Avenger!

We LOVE these night lights. They are battery powered so no need to string wires or search for outlets. They provide a nice glow that isn't too bright and the kids love PLUS they aren't just cool to look at but they're also cool to the touch too.

There are a bunch of superheroes to choose from too, choose from The Captain America Shield, The classic Hulk Fist or a Hulk Head, The Iron Man Hand or his mask, Spider-Man Hand or Head, or the Thor Hammer! I love how many options they come in and they all look super real!

These are also available at Target but some of them are a little pricey-er, but if you have a REDCard you might want to consider grabbing them from there to get the best price! Plus you'll get free shipping with your REDCard.

The stickers that come with these make it so they look like they are popping out of the wall and give the 3D effect that looks great! These are the perfect decor for the any superhero kids room!


  • Marina F.

    these would match darraghs room :wink:

  • Marina F.

    these would match darraghs room :wink:

  • Ashley W.

    These are awesome but a little pricey. $30 a piece is a little much

  • Lyndsey W.

    Yeah babe, you're right. These are pretty cool and I think this will be P's next room theme, and we will get these!

  • Leona C.

    wee man would love it

    • Louise C.

      Oh god he wud want em all :smiley::smiley:

  • Lisa S.

    garbhain would love this x

  • Mymoena D.

    where do you buy these

    • Amanda B.


  • Riana C.

    Thanks Sally. So cool!!!

  • Roni M.

    Oh gosh cam would love those!

  • TaraGlenda G.

    Where do you get them from

  • Amanda H.

    . Finn would love these

    • Trudy P.

      God yes

  • Sharon S.

    There lovely

  • Joanne A.

    Ah they are deadly I'll java to show James :smiley:

  • Joanne A.

    James Aherne

  • Rebecca P.

    Kades got them in his room here xxx

  • Christina M.

    Babe you have to put Liam's night lights up!

  • Sara H.

    macy needs one of these lol

  • Jamie G.

    Around 25 on amazon

  • Debbie G.

    Look canny

  • Elaine B.

    He loves them

  • Ashleigh L.

    It's in America I think :see_no_evil: x

  • Keri M.

    You can get them here x

  • Mary W.

    I'd say Conor wud love these.

    • Elaine G.

      You're right he would!!!

  • Tricia F.

    Oh look at these for Oscar!!!!!

    • Lynda M.

      Fab x

  • Nichole R.

    Where did you buy these

  • Nikki M.

    Ebay or amazon have them x

  • Lisa S.

    These are awesome!

  • Kaye C.

    Luca would love these!! too :joy::joy: x

    • Melanie Y.

      Yes! X

    • Chris A.

      They would look great in living room

  • Michelle P.

    I think I've seen these at Walmart in Yorkton!

  • Jody G.

    Rinkin this is what i got kahn but paw patrol :wink:

    • Tammi R.

      Really that is so cool he is going to love them what days you got off this week

    • Jody G.

      Just the weekend and we staying in ballina for tim & nicks bday

    • Tammi R.

      Oh ok what day do you go down there

  • Cassie S.

    Chase has the iron man one!

  • Anne-Marie G.

    She'd love that

  • Nicole M.

    How much are these please

    • Shannon J.

      Go in to the link

    • Shannon J.

      There around 25 xx

  • Emilie C.


  • Shavarn W.

    They dont ship outside of the US

  • PeterRobert O.

    Ya wild for sure

  • Aoife B.

    cillian would love these!!

    • Sinead B.

      He would love them! So cool! :)

  • Donna H.

    I'd love these for my room let alone the boys lol xx

  • Lisa H.

    Good aren't they xx

  • Carole C.

    He loves them

  • Donna H.

    Pity they arnt in Star Wars and minecraft then they would have them xx

  • Rosie M.

    Those are very cool, i bet the boys would love them :p

  • Chanelle H.

    Definitely :grinning:

  • Abbydawn B.

    My son would love these

  • Emily T.

    i have the thor hammer!!!

    • Ryan D.

      Ye need to get it up

  • Chad G.


  • Lisa H.

    Bet they will do if u have a look xx

  • Susan J.

    they have minions at target website!!

  • Elisha W.

    Oh my gosh he would LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!

  • Elisha W.

    how cool are these

  • Amie M.

    I've seen these in target...awesome

  • John B.

    Cheaper online

  • Amie M.

    Yea they were pretty pricey there too

  • Johannah D.

    I need these :-)

  • Nicola B.

    He has the spiderman one on his wall x

  • Rebecca M.


  • Stefan R.

    A must have for m future man cave!!!!

  • Nicky R.

    Yep way cool a!! i saw these in oz pal forgot about them lol thanks pal

  • Sharee B.

    how cool are these lights!

  • Moi B.

    we should get these for Mikas room

  • Carol B.

    My grandson would love theses lights xxx

  • Charlotte D.

    He already has it got it for his birthday

  • Yves R.

    Cest hot Ca !!!

  • Donelle B.

    I so want to do this to the boys rooms

  • Mikaela W.

    thought if you straight away :speak_no_evil::hugging:

    • Nadine M.

      Hahaha these are amazing !!!

  • Kristina R.

    I've seen them in spotlight and big w

  • Jeffrey P.

    here is an idea for your son's room!!!

  • Alexis H.

    Omg! My daughter is named after Spider-Man. I bet she'd love this!

  • Nicky R.

    Just looking into ordering for next kids bday!! Thanks pal

  • Amanda W.

    All over it! We have hulk and iron man :punch: they are very cool

  • Nikki H.

    you'll be wanting some of these...

    • Josh M.

      Order me every single one

    • Nikki H.

      Knew it :joy:

  • Ames J.

    our kids rooms :heart_eyes:

  • Kylie C.

    They are awesome

  • Mikey M.

    I've seen them for sale at target

  • Kylie C.

    But can't ship outside of us

  • Karmyn R.

    I know someone who would love those!

  • Ben C.


  • Jacqueline E.

    I think I've seen them in like target or bigw

  • Tammy W.

    you should do this in your cave:grinning:

  • Felicity Y.

    do you have a light for Liam's room

    • Nic J.

      Yep his room is all complete

  • Lusii H.

    I think our little man would love one of these cool lights for his birthday don't you think.

  • Tania M.

    They have them at big w for about $30 the only thing is the sticker will probably rip off our crappy paint on the walls. Lol

    • Lusii H.

      Oh really cool.. that's true, if not paint maybe the wall lol

  • Angelina G.

    For my room yes!

  • Krystal F.

    Haha! We have 2 of them already!! :wink:

  • Stacey P.

    - these were the lights I was on about :grin:

    • Melody W.

      I love. This the ones in uk?

  • Benji P.

    i forgot about these coz he wasnt really into super heros when i first seen them. but now we have to get him some....

  • Chantelle R.

    ...might have to switch up Taci's room lol jk

  • Erin S.

    There fab

  • Ashleigh L.

    Al have a proper look tonight :see_no_evil:xx

  • Claire B.

    these would look great in the boy's room :slight_smile: xx

    • Channi M.

      Yeah we was going to get some but was 25 quid each when we looked and then both the boys like different characters lol x

    • Channi M.

      Thank you x

  • Cathy F.

    corey eould love these

    • Ash A.

      I ordered them for him for Christmas lol

  • Courtnee W.

    son would love these!

  • Tessa R.

    I might get him one for xmas

  • Meegan-Leigh F.

    why haven't we got spiderman or hulk yet?

    • Scotty F.

      Spidey looks cool, Hulk is gay. We have enough anyway.

  • Jane K.

    I know, i always look for spiderman ones but can only ever find everything else under the sun

  • John F.

    I was gonna get one but I think I'm a bit old for a night light :joy:

  • Katherine M.

    We have the transformers ones at our house hubby has decepticons in his game room and the boys have autobots in their bed room

  • Mags C.

    There mad

  • Stacey D.

    How bloody cool r they I do need to get Kobe one just hard to chose haha

  • Natalie W.

    Ethan's room would look great with these :grinning:

  • Lauren A.

    scotty would love these!

  • Samantha V.

    How much are they?

  • Dan-Yell O.

    Wow anyone know we're id get these??..

    • Emma D.

      Try ebay I'd say ud get them der x

    • Dan-Yell O.

      Aw I'm crap at trying to look online.. Do u need a PayPal account xx

    • Emma D.

      No don't think so u only use PayPal to be on the save side xxx

    • Dan-Yell O.

      Aw right must look into it there so cool xx

  • DeMario W.

    Pretty sweet

  • Dayna D.

    you can buy these at Walmart I believe. We'll I know you can with spiderman. Just an idea for boys

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