MD Sports 13-In-1 Multi-Game Combo Table Only $55 (Reg. $121) @ Walmart

MD Sports 13-In-1 Multi-Game Combo Table Only $55 (Reg. $121) @ Walmart

This 13 in 1 game table is perfect for rainy days and will keep the kids occupied for hours every single day.

Plus its priced at only $55! This amazing buy saves you $66 and even ships free.

My kids have this game table and absolutely love it. In fact I even play it with them sometimes.

I love that it has such a small footprint so it can sit in their room and stack on top of each other until its ready to be played.

It has air hockey, basketball, bean bag toss, darts, archery, chess, checkers, backgammon, target shooting, plink shot, mini golf, bowling, and finger football.

Plus it comes with all the accessories for each game no extras need to be bought what so ever.

This would be the perfect gift idea as well. If you have a birthday near and stumped at what to buy this would be totally it.

When you combine savings with free shipping you really can't go wrong. This is one game that is going to be played with for years to come by all ages.


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