Mini Cake Pop Maker $7 @ Walmart

Mini Cake Pop Maker $7 @ Walmart

Looking for a great deal on a mini cake pop maker? Check out this awesome deal going on over at Walmart where you can get this Nostalgia Mini Cake Pop Maker for JUST $6.97!

Even sweeter, you can choose FREE in-store pickup to save on shipping.

You're going to love this mini cake pop maker! I bought it on whim for my daughter, I thought it be a fun mother-daughter activity but no, it's turned into just a mommy activity.

I love browsing Pinterest and seeing creative ways of using this little pop maker. I've made small donut munchkins, I make treats for the kids and it's a life saver around the holidays.

For just $7 bucks you're getting a cake pops maker that'll give you your moneys worth. It makes delicious treats, it's easy to use (and clean!) and makes cake pops in just a few minutes (usually 3 minutes a batch).

This bad boy is usually priced $20 so don't wait, this will sell out quick!

See it in use: Munchkin Donuts

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