NutriScale Wireless Kitchen IQ Scale Just $10 Today Only @ Hollar

NutriScale Wireless Kitchen IQ Scale Just $10 Today Only @ Hollar

Here's a great deal on an awesome kitchen scale! Right now at Hollar you can scorethis NutriScale Wireless Kitchen IQ Scale for just $10! This thing is priced at $60 over at Bed Bath & Beyond right now!

I love this scale. Not only is it great for weighing out all of your recipes and meals but I also use as a home office gadget weighing out my packages for the post office too!

This scale will weigh up to 11 pounds and measures 9"x6.25" so it takes up such a little space.

But what makes it even more awesome is that the wireless smart features let you log calories and nutrition facts through the wireless connectivity to your smart devices!

It creates graphs for you to track your results and history too! Plus it has a built-in food database that makes it easy to carry all that info right in your pocket!

Oh and it's waterproof! So how's that for added durability.

At Hollar orders ship in totals of $10 or more. Plus even better, you get free shipping on your first order of $10. After that it's free shipping with an order of $25 or more.

So you could just set up a new Hollar account with a different email address to get this item shipped for free.

Or now Hollar is offering their ClubOrange membership where you can get free shipping on every $10 order. Your first 30 days are free if you sign up and then after that it's only $2 per month.

So way less than paying for shipping or having to order with $25 or more totals!


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