Play-Doh Disguise Lab Featuring Despicable Me Minions $6 @ Walmart

Play-Doh Despicable Minions $6 @ Walmart

Another great deal that is just priced too good to pass up! The best part is, it's Despicable Me Minions! Who doesn't just love those little guys!

OK I know the other day I expressed my feelings about Play-Doh. However, even I can't resist this Play-Doh set!

It's so adorable and ok, it looks like fun... even for mom!

With this set you can create different minions of various colors and shapes. You can press out hilarious hairstyles and create custom molded shapes to disguise them with.

4 Play-Doh colors are included but if you need more you can always pick up the Play-Doh super color 20 pack for $14.96.

This item is available for same day in store pick up to save on shipping. I anticipate this one selling out so don't wait too long to grab one!


  • Holly L.

    Got mine thanks so much :)

  • Ashley W.

    What's the regular price?

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