Pool Toy Storage Bins From Just $32 @ Amazon

Pool Toy Storage Bins From Just $32 @ Amazon

Is there anything worse than pool floats being all over the deck? The thoughts of stepping on a pool noodle with my coffee makes me cringe.

These Pool Toy Storage Bins are a great solution for keeping your deck, porch or lake (or beach) house pool floats and toys organized.

The best part about the storage bins is they let the pool toys air try to prevent mildew, I also like that they look like they're easy to set up and I won't have to whip out the toolbox just to pop these outback.

Check out the sizes available on these too:

The more I think of this the more idea I have for what to store inside. Goggles, beach balls, floats, the kids life jackets. I love how it's all in one place and not stuffed away in a garage that you dread opening before a swim.

The space saving design of these is also great, I like that I can just put it again the deck right where the kids get in the pool so its easy to drop off and pick up when getting in and out.


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