Ray Ban Classic New Wayfarer Sunglasses $69.99

Ray Ban Classic New Wayfarer Sunglasses $69.99

Right now, head over to eBay where you can score Ray Ban Classic New Wayfarer Sunglasses half off for just $69.99! Plus shipping is FREE making this deal even better!

For comparison, these sunglasses are are listed on Rayban.com for $140.00 so you'll be getting $70 off the list price!

I'm a huge fan of Ray-Ban sunglasses! Whenever there is a great deal I try and score some for the hubby, they have a classic feel that never goes out of style and they are a lot cheaper than buying full price.

As always with Ray-Ban, you know the quality you're getting. They are sturdy and have a bit more heft than glasses you'd buy from just any department store.

These are definitely worth buying at this low of a price, if you go to any local mall or even on Amazon you'll be paying well over $100 for this same pair. There is a limited amount available though, hurry grab your pair today!


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