RCA 9" Dual Screen Headrest DVD Player Only $50 @ Walmart

RCA Headrest DVD Player Set $50 @ Walmart

Planning a trip with the kids this year? Keep them happy and content with these big 9 inch headrest DVD players.

This comes with 2 screens so no fighting and priced at only $49.99 saving you $49.98!

Traveling with kids can be complicated. Mine get tired of riding and then want to yell at each other.

But I decided last year to grab a DVD player for my car and this is hands down the best ever!

They now have something to do on long trips and they use them on short trips too. We keep a stack of movies in the car and they couldn't be happier.

We rarely ever see these headrest DVD players go on sale and when we do they are never 9" this is an amazing deal that is sure not to last long.

Plus as if this price wasn't amazing enough these also ship totally free straight to your door!

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