Rec-Tek Electronic Roller Ball Arcade Game Only $40 @ Target

Rec-Tek Electronic Roller Ball Arcade Game Only $40 @ Target

My kids beg to go to the arcade all the time and now they make one of our favorite arcade games for home so cheap that I cant help to buy it.

This roller ball game is priced at just $39.99! I spend more then this each time we walk into the arcade so this is going to pay for itself in no time.

My favorite game in the arcades as a kid was this game, it was fun, competitive and just totally awesome so of course I introduced my kids to my childhood favorite when they were old enough to go.

But now we don't have to wait to go to the arcade to play our favorite instead we can have this set up right in our house! I think Im just as excited as what they kids will be Christmas morning.

Plus it is electronic so of course that makes it that much more awesome and with 4 actual scoring games this will never get old.

To top it off it also ships to my house completely free with no minimums! I can't wait till Christmas morning, I may have to pop this out the whole Christmas break.


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