Retro Gaming Style Joystick Coat Hanger Wall Cube with Key Hooks $18 Shipped @ eBay

Joystick Coat Hanger Just $18 Shipped @ eBay

Check these out! If you've got a gamer in your house, these are perfect aren't they?! These Joystick Retro Gaming Style Coat Racks are just $18.23 shipped at eBay right now! These are selling for $40 and even more elsewhere!

This would be so awesome in your kids room to keep their stuff organized and their coat and backpacks ready to go in the morning when they head out.

Behind the joystick is a cubby that's perfect to stash away things like hats, gloves, or other stuff that would normally just clutter up the room.

And there are three key hooks along the bottom to keep their keys, lanyards and other stuff from getting lost.

And the focal point, of course, is the joystick that acts as a coat rack. I know a few boys that are going to be getting this for their birthdays this year!

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