Screwnicorn Unicorn Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener $7 @ Amazon

Screwnicorn Unicorn Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener $7 @ Amazon

At last my absolute 2 favorite things are combined! Who ever invented wine and unicorns mixed together truly had a mind like mine.

Plus this is called a screwnicorn and that alone is hysterically funny and defiantly coming to open my next bottle of wine. Even sweeter its priced right now at just $6.99 while going for $20+ everywhere else.

What a better way to kick your feet back and enjoy a nice cold glass of wine after a long day then with this unicorn bottle opener?

This is sure to be a hit when I have friends over along with just enjoying a glass by myself. Unicorns and wine why have I not got one of these sooner?

With the Screwnicorn I will be able to wield the power of rainbows, glitter and boundless eternal love to open even the most stubborn bottle of wine. In fact this is so awesome I may just have to order more for gifts.

Shipping adds $4.99 but even with the added shipping costs your still getting an awesome deal that puts unicorns and wine together.


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