Secret Compartment Hair Brush $8 @ eBay

Secret Compartment Hair Brush $8 @ eBay

What does every Momma need? A hairbrush and a place to store her cash and valuables of course and this hairbrush combines the 2 for the ultimate little safe place.

Plus right now you can score it for just $7.98 the usual price of a regular hair brush!

This hairbrush is like my own little secret now I can bring a secret stash with me for our girls night out or on a normal day I will have somewhere to save big and no one will ever know.

This hairbrush is also available in a pattle style brush for only $11.99 with free shipping you can find by Clicking Here.

Even sweeter this isnt just for cash it can hold my jewelry, medications or what ever I need to bring for the day. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Shipping adds $3.98 shipping for the round style brush. Otherwise shipping is free for the pattle brush.


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