Stainless Steel Sitting Mermaid Spoons 99¢ @ eBay

Stainless Steel Sitting Mermaid Spoons 99¢ @ eBay

Check these out! Head over to eBay where you can get these Stainless Steel Mermaid Spoons that rest right on your mug for just 99¢ each! Plus the shipping is only 50¢ which makes them less than $1.50 shipped!

Are these not the best spoons ever?! These stainless steel mermaid spoons rest right on your cup when not in use and just make everything about that cup of coffee or tea better.

These are perfect for your mixed drinks - coffee with milk, tea with honey, etc. But they're also great condiment spoons too and keep the mess off the counter or table by staying on the bowl!

You can choose from Multi-Color, Rose Gold, Silver, Gold or Black. And they're all priced for the same 99¢.

I just ordered a dozen so I could have a set to use at home and then a few to give as gifts with a fun mug for friends!


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