Star Wars Storm Trooper Pillow Buddy Just $5 @ Walmart

Storm Trooper Pillow Pal $5 @ Walmart

May the Sleep Be With You... And at a great price! Right now, Walmart has these Star Wars Storm Trooper Pillow Buddies marked down to just $5.84!

Your little Luke Skywalker will sleep soundly surrounded by these soft pals and you'll sleep soundly knowing you got them at almost 70% off the original price of $15.

This Storm Trooper is 23" tall and made of 100% polyester. He gets along great with the Kylo Ren Pillow Buddy AND the Chewbacca Pillow Buddy, both also marked down right now. Check them out here:

So grab the set and keep the force in bed (until after 8am, hopefully

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