Elf On The Shelf Pajama Sets Only $15 Shipped

Elf On The Shelf Pajama Sets Only $15

It's almost that time of the year again, that time to welcome your little elf friend back from his slumber to help countdown the days until Christmas.

Right now at Kohls they are offering select Elf on the Shelf Pajamas on sale for as low as $10.75 shipped!

Your little elves will be so excited to put on their new pajamas and wake to see what their little holiday friend decided to do overnight. Don't lie, it's not just the kids who get to have all the fun. You know us parents have just as much fun with them finding funny situations to put them in.

Here's some of the deals we spotted on these pajama sets to get you started...

Kohl's Cardholders can also make this deal even sweeter by using code CATCH15OFF at checkout to save 15% more!

Shipping is free on any order of $75 or more. Otherwise, it starts at just $5.95 for orders less than $75. But you can always opt for free in-store pick up if available near you!


  • Sydnee P.

    this WILL Be me.. :see_no_evil:

    • Jennette A.

      I let them do it and then when they go to bed I re-do it ahahahaa:speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

  • Gavin E.

    this is so you :joy:

    • Pat B.

      Im not so bad anymore :joy::joy:their aloud to hang one ball each now:joy::joy:

    • Gavin E.

      :joy::joy: and put it where you tell them

    • Pat B.

      No i just move it when their not looking :joy:

  • Sarah O.

    this was you anytime we wanted to help with the tree as kids

  • Kathryn W.

    it's nearly that time again

    • Jessie M.

      Hahsha yup

    • Jaclyn P.

      I never let Koby hahaha

  • Sam H.

    :joy::joy::joy: O shit that is so me...xxx

  • Leesa C.

    Me every year.

  • Kayla V.

    "Kids" lol

  • Abbey S.

    Not saying that! But I knew you'd get the jist :p

  • Kayla V.

    Hahaha I got chu

  • Nicole Y.

    . This is why you were only allowed to decorate grandma's tree. Xx

    • Jordan Y.

      I didnt like it either as i got older....

    • Nicole Y.

      Knew it would rub off onto you. Xx

  • Catherine R.

    I'm totally guilty of this

  • Hayden R.

    You and your mum ahah

  • Jaimi P.

    Yes it so is lol

  • Darren H.

    this is you with me :smiley:

  • Margaret T.

    We just let you decorate the tree we never did it right lol

  • Tricia M.

    :joy::joy::joy: we will never let you forget this one!!! X

  • Leanne F.

    remind you of anyone :smile:

  • Anna L.

    no elf in my home ever

  • Gina V.

    others struggle with this as well

  • Tayla M.


  • Trevor F.

    Not long and you will be doing it again

    • Leanne F.

      Yehhh. Maybe now Lauren is getting older she will remember how its done :smile:

  • Michelle C.

    That's why mommy has her own tree and the kids will get their own.

  • Josh P.

    wait for your first xmas ..... I struggle big time with letting Will "decorate" the tree :joy::joy::joy:

  • Christine D.

    You let your kids hang ornaments? Wierd.

  • Courtney M.

    will be me :neutral_face::weary: haha

    • Cathy M.

      Lol that's because I'm ocd about decorations too :joy::joy::joy::joy:

    • Courtney M.

      You went and changed them once we hung them on didn't you

    • Cathy M.

      when you were really little yes hahaha :joy::joy: after awhile you chill a bit

  • Karma S.

    When your child wants to fold the washing omg so hard to watch

  • Jess C.

    this will be you one day :joy:

  • Janet P.

    And Crappy homemade pasta ones at that :christmas_tree:

  • Rachel B.

    Hahaha yep

  • Krystal W.

    Worst. I always move them the first night when they go to bed

  • Stephanie G.

    Yes. Cannot tolerate it lol

  • Kathleen R.

    Yea right!! You too.

  • Maddie W.


  • Rachael S.

    Omg that is so true

  • Gill F.

    - where do the decapitated Santas go?

  • Kay D.

    Jen Langdon

  • Zoe B.

    I cannot wait for this day so I can sit there and watch you not say a dam word!! :joy::joy:

    • Latitia H.

      Algood, I'll just move them :grin:

  • Jessica C.

    I remember you telling me about this :joy::joy::joy:

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