The New LEGO Millennium Falcon is Coming 10/1 (BB-8 Model Available Today!) @ Lego

The New LEGO Millennium Falcon is Coming 10/1 (BB-8 Model Available Today!) @ Lego

Attention LEGO fans, The new Lego Millennium Falcon 75192 is coming and it promises to be biggest (and most expensive) set Lego has ever released! With 7,541 pieces, this is one edition that's sure to be a little more than a weekend project even for the biggest die-hard Ultimate Collector "block heads" out there.

This is the single largest Lego Set ever sold and by a huge margin at that. Apparently Lego thought you were bored. It's also the largest price tag a Lego set has every come with - priced at a whopping $800! So while it may be every kid's ultimate wish list item, it may not be on every parent's shopping list this Christmas. But hey, maybe Santa will hear all of the pleas.

This Millennium Falcon set doesn't disappoint on the look-front either. There is so much detail in this piece that when you finally were to get it all assembled it'll be hard to tell it apart from the actual ship on the films. They even included swappable deflector dishes and same interior sections so you can match it to either the original Star Wars Trilogy or the more recent Force Awakens models.

But even if you've purchased any of the Ultimate Collector edition sets in the past, you'll probably agree, this one is a mega set that trumps them all. And on top of the impressive total number of blocks in this piece, it also comes with 10 mini figures including Han, Leia, Chewbacca, BB-8, C-3P0, Finn, Rey, Old Han and two Porgs and a Lego mynock) so you can man your ship with the characters from both the original trilogy as well as the latest film saga.

Oh and hey, Han and Leia even have spinning heads so they can have air respirators for those hard to forget Empire Strikes Back scenes. This is just another area where no spot was missed on attention to detail so Lego can please their fans of both eras.

Die-hards will remember the similar Falcon deluxe model that Lego released in 2007. This Millennium edition is actually it's latest version. And though it's not nearly as big, it wasn't anything to snuff at either - boasting an impressive 5,195 pieces and costing around $500. That piece has since been discontinued but remains one of the most sought-after Lego Collections Series sets out there today. So much so that prices for this original model can set you back $2,000 to $3,000 easily! And it's only ten years later. So can you imagine what this newest Millennium Falcon release will bring in ten years?!

Fortunately for us Lego moms that won't be lining up to spend $800 on this Millennium Falcon piece, there are other Collectors Series sets that are being released and are a little more within our budget. Lego announced this week that they are also releasing this 1,106-piece Lego BB-8 75187 model for $99.99. This piece hits the stores today (9/1) but is already on backorder.

And if you are planning to splurge on the mega set, The Millennium Falcon 75192 piece will go on sale October 1, 2017 and will be priced at $799.99.


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