Unicorn Glitter Birthday Number Candles $7.50 @ Etsy

Unicorn Glitter Birthday Number Candles $7.50 @ Etsy

Looking for a perfect birthday cake idea for your unicorn lover? Check these out! These Unicorn Glitter Number Candles are just $7.50 at Etsy. The shipping is just $2.99 to most U.S. locations.

So basically for $10 you can seal the deal for the perfect magical cake for your kiddo. Heck, I wouldn't mind having these on MY birthday cake!

Each glittery number features a colorful maned unicorn with all the sparkles and glitter you could want for your cake.

Each candle is almost three inches tall (2.75" to be exact) and feature a large wick to make them virtually drip free. You can actually burn them for 4-5 minutes without having any dripping so you'll have plenty of time for the birthday song and to take pictures.

Candles are pink with pink glitter, purple with purple glitter or white with white glitter. And you can also order these in pairs for double digit numbers or single.


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