Up to 40% Off Flowers & Gifts @ Florists.com

Up to 40% Off Flowers & Gifts @ Florists.com

Looking to send some flowers to one of your loved ones? Right now Florists.com is offering up to 40% off select flowers and gifts!

I love sending flowers to my friends and relatives in different states. I usually do it in the offseason of when flowers are most popular, that way I score the best deals, plus it feels more thoughtful, to me at least!

Florists.com is our favorite flower delivery service because they are always on time and they always look great.

What's neat about Florists.com is they are like the uber for flowers, they use local florists so the flowers are always fresh and there aren't the problem with online flower services like wrong orders, missing notes or poor quality. Plus you can totally customize your flowers which I love to do for my friends!

Plus they are the best according to reviews. They've had over 100k happy customers and scored a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from shopper approved! So they are the bomb.com!


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