Vitagene DNA Test Kit Just $79 (reg. $150) @ Amazon

Vitagene DNA Test Kit Just $79 (reg. $150) @ Amazon

Quick! Head over to Amazon where right now you can get this Vitagene DNA Test Kit for just $79 with free shipping! It's regularly $149!

These DNA kits are all the rage right now! I bought one for my husband for Father's Day last year and then saw all of these other great kits that come with so much more.

DNA has the answer to everything. And most importantly, our health! And this particular DNA kit not only gives a full detailed history on your family genetics, but also what foods and diet are right for you!

When so many people hit these fad diets every new year, tons just don't work because they're not aligned with what we need individually based on our genetic codes. We're all wired different.

So wouldn't it be nice to not only get all of your family history questions answered but also find the types of foods and diet that work best for you?!

Talk about a great resolution! This is one that you could definitely stick with. Because it's sticking with things that were meant for you...or that you are made for I guess is the better way to look at it.


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