Zero Gravity Patio Chairs Just $25 Each!

Zero Gravity Patio Chairs Just $25 Each!

I love these chairs! And right now if you head over to eBay you can snag two of them for just $49.99 + Free Shipping! That's just $25 a chair!

For comparison these same chairs are $70 at Kohl's! And that's just for one!

How awesome is that?! You can also choose free shipping at checkout to save on shipping!

These highly rated patio chairs come in 4 colors (colors include black, blue, brown or tan) so they'll be sure to go nicely with all of your existing patio furniture and it'll be your best pal when it comes to chilling out outside this summer with a glass of iced tea...or wine.

They are also SUPER comfortable too, the kids fight over who is going to sit in them whenever we're hanging in the backyard and whenever I have friends over them compliment them too! We also use them for camping, hanging on the deck and bring them to the kids games.


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